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Tools & Calculators

Retirement Gap Calculator

The retirement gap calculator assists you to identity if there is a gap between your retirement savings and how much you will actually need in order to obtain the lifestyle you want in retirement.

Bendigo SmartStart Super Insurance Premium Calculator

As a result of insurance changes to the product at 1 January 2014, the insurance calculator is no longer valid and therefore currently unavailable.

We are in the process of updating the insurance calculator and endeavour to have a new insurance calculator available in the near future.

Salary Sacrifice Calculator

The salary sacrifice calculator compares both methods of contributions - pre-tax (salary sacrifice) and after tax contributions - to determine the net effect on your take home pay and super contributions.

Savings Calculator

The savings calculator projects how much your savings may be worth over a period of time, enabling you to undertake various scenarios to compare results.

Budget Spreadsheet

The budget Spreadsheet is a simple and a comprehensive spreadsheet to help you plan for your future no matter what your circumstances may be.

Fee Comparison Calculator

The fee comparison calculator works out how much super you'll have when you retire and how fees affect your final payout. You can also use this calculator to compare fees of two superannuation funds.


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